I woke up feeling insecure

When I started Tumblr years ago, it was about "the good and bad combined, with everything else I have in mind" which is why I called it Barefaced. I've taken that brand into my Photography. So It would only make sense for me to talk about something real. It is slightly uncomfortable because we are supposed to exude confidence in the public eye but that's just not the case today. I woke up feeling insecure. Maybe because I haven't been working out? This one is tough for me, because in general the more successful people are around me, the happier I seem to be. When I see people struggle I tend to have a difficult time understanding life.

When it comes to Photography though, danggg I have been feeling insecure! Most especially this morning. I woke up with a heavy heart thinking how in the world can I stay inspired now that this feeling is much more pronounced?

Its not even because the more experienced Photographers have been doing it for many years and I've really just started. Its the feeling that they have the gear and the resources. Its like oh my I really want the effect of that 85mm. Equipments are just so damn expensive. They travel and go to these amazing locations. I go on vacations too but it has not been about doing the photo shoots yet. They join communities or groups, they hang out and are like the coolest people in the world. I, on the other hand am the opposite.

That said, it prompted me to be even more inspired. I came up with more ideas because of this insecurity and limitations. I can't play golf, but maybe tennis?