Feel what is real & let me handle the rest
— Khristianiña Bermudo

When someone had asked me, what it is that you spend most of your time doing simply because it brings you joy? The answer is photography. As a kid, I would sit in the back of my uncle's red van during family trips, pretending to create my composition using fingers as a pretend camera and would click away! I put so much value in Photography that for our own wedding, I researched for a long time to find THE Photographer that can tell the story of our special day. It was a priority.

Photography makes me feel abundant even when I have very little. It also keeps me challenged; it can never be boring because the possibility to become better at it is endless.

Gravitating towards images that touch our emotions, fascinated with the purity and truthfulness captured within a frame, I’ve naturally developed a photo-journalistic and documentary approach in photography.




I strive for capturing moments, emotions and details. I want the images to show the true essence of the day. Magic happens when you feel what is real and you let me handle the rest.

As someone relatively new to the industry with so many different photographers whose work I admire, I knew very early on that transparency and being myself will help me find the unrivaled element that's reflective of my style to share with the world!

I can only hope that you’ll not only see but also feel the sincerity and the authenticity through my images while I continue to build my portfolio and learn something new every day.

They are all being created with this question in mind  . . . “how does it feel?” and that’s how Barefaced Creative was born.



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