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What to Expect in Documentary Style Photography

If I want an event in our family life to be photographed, it would be for sure documentary style. When I look back on these images, I would like to remember the day how it actually was. The fun, the stress and everything in between. If its dark, take full advantage of dramatic or moody lighting. There’s so much creativity to be had regardless of wether we are getting even lighting or not.

So it is only natural that I would want the same thing for my clients. Capturing life as it happens, this is what I want Barefaced Creative Photography to represent. Some of us would want more posed images, that is completely okay too and are also beautiful! However, that will not be the focus of images that are captured by me. I believe in natural settings and trying my best to be as less intrusive as possible.

The biggest challenge here is not only the constant changes in lighting nor the chaos of the day in which overtime I’ve learned to embrace and worry less about, it is knowing that not everyone in the group are keen on being photographed especially candidly and that is understandable. I strongly suggest that the guests and family members are aware and to expect the documentary style of being photographed. Just relax (I know this can be easier said than done), be yourselves and have fun! This is usually what gives us best results.