Grenada - A Tour

It was a fun one. The tour was for the whole island. it included a visit to the water falls, our tour guide did mention that it is not the most amazing falls but still is beautiful. We were not feeling like going for a hike to get to places where you can see great ones. That type of tour we wanted with a 17-month old. Also my mom would have probably complained.

The visit to the falls was followed by going to a chocolate factory. We then had lunch with an amazing view. The next activity was about learning the process of making rums, had a few shots that made me cursed a little. Our tour was concluded with a visit to the rainforest where we got to feed the free roaming monkeys. This was my favourite part.

I love bringing my kid to places where animals are in their natural habitat. Took me awhile before we’ve brought him to a zoo by the way. Just because I don’t want him to think that animals are locked up for entertainment and that it is okay. Anyways, I kind of have given up on that idea because a lot of kids go and maybe because it can be educational. I’ll just have to provide explanation whenever we do go. However, you can’t beat seeing them just hanging out and being free! I didn’t take a picture as I was busy interacting with them (which really means, I was holding my kid all worried that they were going to eat him alive) while he calmly feeds the monkeys with bananas without hesitation.